Creating a website presumes the client has selected a domain name and a web hosting service. To potential clients that have not done this yet, I will explain what this means below.

A dmain name is a freely selectable name that is used to refer browsers to the site - the specific name people type into their web browser's address bar. Owning a domain name does not mean a website must immediately exist at that address. However, it takes more than a registered name to create a usable website. In addition, there must be a place where the content of the website is stored. Thus a website consist of two parts:

  • a registered domain name
  • a location in a webserver, where the site is stored

These two services are both separately priced by third parties, and the owner of a website must pay the costs for these if they wish to own a website. In case the client has their personal server - such as my - then any website I create for them can be hosted on their own server and no additional hosting costs are necessary. Generally, it is sensible to use professional service providers capable of correctly managing their servers and keeping them secure from malicious actors.

Domain names can be registered under various top-level domains. The rules for registering a name with the Estonian top-level domain (.ee) can be found on the website of Estonian Internet SA. I'm prepared to consult client with the process of registering a domain name, but the name itself must be registered in the name of the client and the client must pay the registration fee to the registrar directly. The list of accredited Estonian registrars can be found here: A registrar manages the listings of a domain name server. Registrars often have self-service websites, where clients can manage their own domain name listings. In addition to the .ee domain, a wide variety of other domains are available. The price of registering a domain name depends primarily on the conditions established by the manager of the top-level domain.

Likewise, many IT companies provide website hosting as a service; one list of such service providers can be found here: Which hosting service is the most suitable depends on your wishes and requirements. Most domain name registrars also offer hosting services in addition to their registry services. A simple website typically doesn't demand a great deal of resources from the webserver and cheaper service providers will usually suffice. As I am a small enterpreneur myself, I support the business of a fellow small enterpreneur: as their business partner I can provide hosting at the servers of Kask & Kask OÜ on their behalf, at the price of €4/month. However, all my clients are free to pick the hosting service that most suits their price-point and capability requirements.