In addition to setting up websites, I am qualified to assist in many other capacities.

An overview of topics I can assis with:

  • Installation and initial configuration of various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS X)
  • Installing individual programs or requested suites of programs to operating systems
  • Resolving issues related to software
  • Constructing small building networks
  • Analyzing and resolving network issues
  • Installation and configuration of WiFi devices
  • Maintenance of Linux and Windows servers
  • Website management (MySQL and PHP based; Joomla!, Wordpress, and others)
  • IT-consulting

Installation of any aforementioned operating system costs €60. In the case of Windows and MacOS, the client must buy the operating system themselves and provide me with the installation media; the service includes only installation of the operating system to a computer and the post-installation configuration (configuration in this context meaning setup of internet connections, installation of OS updates and other typical post-installation tasks, rather than exact customization of individual programs). In the case of a Linux installation, I can provide my own installation media at no additional cost. If new issues become apparent during the work, the final extent of the work and its' price will be negotiated in cooperation with the client.

Conducting any works also has an additional hourly fee of €35. Driving to meed the client outside the town of Kärdla adds a fee of €0,60/km.

Given the breadth of the services, it is impractical to list any further details here. In you have any questions regarding these services, feel free to use the contact form of this website.