Creating a website is a process in which a client and I cooperate to find the most suitable solution for the client. Due to the many nuances involved, the price of having a wesite created can vary considerably. Therefore is is not possible to quote prices without first going through individual negotiation. When creating websites, I use the popular website framework Joomla!, which will be configured and deployed according to the client's requirements.

Nonetheless I offer a so-called "base solution", which amounts to creating a functional and secure website from pre-existing content provided by the client. The base solution costs €550 and contains:

  • Deploying the website framework
  • A prepackaged design
  • News module
  • RSS module
  • One main menu (two levels, up to 10 menu items)
  • Creating the owner account of the website
  • Entering primary content (up to 10 articles, text must be provided beforehand by the client)
  • Instruction on using the website and its' management interface (one hour, on Skype; driving out to meet the client in person accures a charge of 0,50 €/km)
  • Post-deployment support for six months (Monitoring the solution; basic instruction over phone, email or other electronic channels).

Additional features that can be provided on request:

  • Custom design (130 €)
  • Picture Gallery module (35 €)
  • Blog module (45 €)
  • Forum module (75 €)
  • And many more (subject to individual negotiation)

Adding extra functionality is subject to individual negotiation and the optimal solution and price point for your needs will be found in our cooperation. Emergency or custom work will incur an hourly work fee of €25. Driving out of the city of Kärdla to deploy the site or otherwise assist the client in person will also incur a €0,50 fee per kilometer of distance driven.

Besides Joomla! I am also able to deploy other website frameworks such as WordPress or Drupal. The choices are numerous and I am ready provide any solution the client finds most suitable to their needs.

Questions can be sent through the website's contact form. Additional information about what is involved in website owenrship and management can be found in the following articles: Domain name and hosting and Website content and management.