Here are listed the headers and links to some websites I have previously created. The links will open by clicking on the header picture. All sites have been made in cooperation with the client, or in some rare cases as a result of direct teamwork with the client's own staff. In other words, the appearance and designs are not entirely my own invention, as they much of the vision comes from cooperating with the client. The technical solution, however, is entirely my own deployment and configuration. As stated elsewhere, I use open source software, meaning the complex fundamental programming of the frame work is laso not my own design. Creating a website for a client primarily means compiling together existing open source solutions in accordance to the client's wishes and vision. This can sometimes mean significant changes and adjustments to the style code of freely available solutions. Occasionally, even adjustments to the site engine itself are necessary to make the site behave as the client intends them to.

In all these cases, furnishing the website - uploading articles and other content - is the responsibility of the owner. If necessary, this deployment aspect of content creation can be commissioned from me, though in most cases clients find they are perfectly capable of doing it on their own. The samples below are based on snapshots from the past, and the actual websites may have changed since.

Website of the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia until spring 2017

Liidu koduleht kuni 2017 kevad

Sireli Hostel

General Practicioner Ülle Perend

Otepää Evangelical Free Church Pilgrim

Otepää EV Palverändur

Hiiu County

The website of the Hiiu county was created when I was still IT-specialist at the county government (until November 2014). Currently it is being administrated by others, mainly the current IT-spetsialist of the county. The snapshot was made in March 2015.

Kärdla Puppet Theatre

Kärdla City Library

Kärdla linnaraamatukogu

The website of the Hiiu county was created when I was still IT-specialist at the county government (until November 2014). The website was administrated by the staff of the Kärdla Library. The snapshot was made in March 2015. Due to structural reorganizations after the merger of the Kärdla town and Kõrgessaare county, the site no longer exists.

Kärdla Baptist Church

Kärdla Baptistikoguduse veeb

Mooste Baptist Church

Mooste koguduse veeb

Allika Publishing

Allikakirjastuse veeb

Hiiu County Library

Hiiu Valla raamatukogu