You've found your way to the website of FIE Tarmo Kähr. I provide a number of IT services. I can assist with system cleanup and repair (operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and program installation. I am prepeared to create websites as well as consult you in choosing a suitable ISP, questions regarding website hosting and many other IT-related matters. If you have questions, you can contact me through this form on the site.

I have worked in the IT field since 1995. Though my experience thus far as been primarily in system administration and networks, the creation and management of websites has become a growing part of my experience portfolio. I've been a computer class teacher and systems administrator in several Estonian schools (Kohtla-Järve, Kohta-Nõmme, Tallinn, Käina); as well as the network administrator for EENeti Ida-Virumaa for several years. For nearly ten years, until 2014, I was the IT Specialist in Kärdla, initially for the Town Government, then for all branch offices and departments of the municipal authority after the town of Kärdla and Kõrgessaare county merged to form the Hiiu county. Since the spring of 2015, my obligations have included server administration for the Hiiumaa Hospital. I have been working as a self-employed enterpreneur since 2009. In addition to other jobs, I also administrate the server belonging to the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia.

In addition to working in the IT field, I am the pastor of the Kärdla Baptist Church - which is the job that brought me to Hiiumaa in 2004.

I am also an amateur photographer, and my work can be seen on my Facebook page, the Estonian UFEBC server and here on my own server.